Rules and Regulation

  1. A student admitted to Ursuline Primary Teacher's Education College, Chandrapura, Pakur must maintain an ethos of commitment , as it is done in any professional programme. She is expected to aim at excellence in every sphere and conduct herself in a responsible and degnified manner in the College Campus.

  2. The trainee must attend all Demonstration and Criticism classes during the course as well as teaching practice classes. The trainee is expected to teach I any aschool assigned by the college authorities.

  3. Since this is a training college, there is no such things as leave for on's of other's marriage. Maternity leave, other functions /feast etc.

  4. All the trainees have to attend all the college functions and activities, such as cultural functions, seminars, symposia, debates, quizes, exposure programme etc.

  5. Education Tour is a part of the training programme, and all the trainees have to join it.

  6. Prior permission is required from the Principal for any absence either from Theory, Practical classes and community life activities. Application should be made for leave in writing.

  7. For Board Examination 90% attendance is needed.

  8. After the verification of the certificates, if any trainee's certificate is found false and fake, the student will be told to leave the training without prior information.

  9. The trainees are expected to take proper care of the college property and help maintain the premises neat and tidy.

  10. The conduct of a trainee in the class as well as on the premise of the college will be such as to cause no the disturbance to fellow students or other classes.

  11. The college uniform is red border sair and white blouse. Therefore each selected candidate should buy red border sari from the college. Besides this, one set of white salwar - suit and one coloured sari will also be needed.

  12. If for any reson the continuance of a trainee in the college, in the opinion of the Principal, is detrimental to the best interests of the college, the Principal may ask such student to leave the college without giving reason for her decision.

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