Students will follow the course prescribed by Jharkhand Academic Council, Ranchi for Primary Teacher Education.
The Courses are the following :-
1. Foundation Course :

  • Foundation Paper I : Education and the Teacher in the
  • Foundation Paper II : Education and Psychology
  • Foundation Paper III : School Organization, guidance and Counselling
  • Foundation Paper IV : Educational Technology and Evaluation.
2. Content- cum-Methodology :
  • Paper V : Hindi- Content-Cum-Methodology
  • Paper VI : English- Content-Cum-Methodology
  • Paper VII : Sanskrit- Content-Cum-Methodology
  • Paper VIII : Mathematics- Content-Cum-Methodology
  • Paper IX : Social Science 1- Content-Cum-Methodology
  • Paper X : General Science 2- Content-Cum-Methodology
3. Practical :
  • Paper XI: Teaching Practice
  • Paper XII: Computer
  • Paper XIII: Work experience and Physical Education
  • Paper XIV: Community life

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