Co Curricular Activities

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  • Cleaning the college compound,
  • Gardening,
  • Taking care of flower Garden,
  • Colection of various plants and vegetation,
  • Collection of Insects,
  • Folk dance competition,
  • Criticism Lesson,
  • Practice teaching,
  • Speech Competition,
  • College work,
  • Paper Flower decoration,
  • Alpana, Quiz Competition,
  • Sports and Games,
  • Footbal match,
  • Project work of different subjects Finfing out the couses and solution of water pollution, various kinds of vegetation, crops, soil of sourround area.
  • Celebrating Feastday, Birth days and the days of great persons like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Ambedkar etc.
  • Local and National Feast
  • Teachers Day, Children's Day, Picnic, Educational Tour.

Some of the events which college organizes to develop their skills

  1. Folk dance competition,
  2. Patriotic song competition,
  3. Speech competition,
  4. Independence Day Celebration,
  5. Teachers' Day Celebration,
  6. Hul Diwas (Santhal Pargana Freedom Fighter),
  7. Micro Teaching ,
  8. Demonstration Lesson,
  9. Criticism Lesson,
  10. Practice teaching,
  11. Annual Sports' Day,
  12. Drawing competition,
  13. World Indigenous Day,
  14. Alpna and Rangoli Making competition,
  15. Quiz competition,
  16. Paper Flower Arrangement,
  17. Annual College Day,
  18. Sadbhawna Diwas,
  19. Facts of Life Seminar,
  20. Leadership Training Programmes,
  21. Chizzen Display,
  22. Educational Tour,
  1. Legal Aid,
  2. Computer Programmes,
  3. Gardening,
  4. Community Living,
  5. Music Class,
  6. Dance Class,
  7. Mass Drill,
  8. Science Exhibition,
  9. Remedial Teaching for Mathematics,
  10. Participating in competition arranged by the District Level,
  11. Computer,
  12. Project work,
  13. Terminal Test,
  14. Monthly Test,
  15. Republic Day,
  16. Regular Evaluation
  17. International Women’s Day,
  18. Principal’s Day,
  19. Teacher’s Birthday,
  20. College Picnic Day,
  21. Farewell
  22. National Education Day

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