June 2020
Arrival 2nd year 22nd
Re-opening of the College & Thanks giving Prayer 23rd
Arrival & Admission of 1st Year 25th
Fresher’s Day
Opening Prayer Service, Welcome of 1st Year,
Group Formation & Oath Ceremony
Holy Spirit Mass 27th
Hul Diwas 30th
Counselling of new Candidates 9th - 11th
Online Classes for 2nd Year 14th
Online & Offline Admission of 1st Year 24th - 25th
August- 20
Sr. Salomi – ( Birthday) 3rd
Online Welcoming of 1st Year 4th
Online Classes for 1st Year 5th
Miss Dipika Minj (Birthday) 12th
Mrs. Rosemary Kisku- (Birthday) 14th
Independence Day 15th
September- 20
Teacher’s Day 5th
Online Classes Continued ( 1st Year and 2nd Year)
Sr. Vincentia – (Feast Day) 27th
October- 20
Gandhi Jayanti 2nd
Study Leave 3rd & 4th
2nd Semester Exam.of 1st & 2nd Year (Academic session 2019-2020) 5th - 10th & 16th
3rd S 22nd - 24th
November- 20
Deepawali 14th
Chhat, Birsa Jayanti 19th – 21th
December- 20
Sr. Pratima – (Birthday) 5th
Study Leave 7th – 10th
First Terminal Examination 11th – 17th
Mr. Johnson– (Birthday) 19th
Christmas Gathering 22nd
Christmas Holyday 23nd – 4th Jan 21
Re-opening 5th
Thanks Giving Prayer 6th
Micro-Teaching Theory 8th -9th
Holy Spirit Mass 9th
Paper Flower Competition 11th
Foundation Day 13th
Micro-Teaching Skills Model Lesson & Practice 11th - 16th
Demonstration Class (Macro-Teaching) 21st - 23rd
Preparation criticism Class 24th - 25th
Republic Day 26th
St. Angela Day/ Falk Dance Competition 27th
Criticism Class 28th-30th
Ms. Usha - (Birthday) 30th
Sr. Agatha - ( Feast Day ) 5th
Fr. John lambertz Day 8th
Annual Sports Day 12th
College Picnic 13th
Birthday Miss Snehlata 14th
Teaching Practice 15th Feb – 1st April
Teaching Practice
Maha Shivratri 11th
Holi 29th
Retreat 28th - 30th
Good Friday , Easter 1st - 4th
Teaching Practice 6th - 10th
Ambedkar Jayanti , Speech Competition 14th
Quiz Competition 17th
Science Exhibition 22nd
College Day 28th
Alpana & Drawing Competition 30th
Study Leave 1st - 9th
Entrance Test and Interview (2021-23) 2nd
Second Terminal Examination 2021 10th - 19th
Final Selection Result (Session 2021-23) 22nd
Submission of all the Reports 27th
Farewell of the Students 29th
Farewell of Teachers & Result, 30th
End of the Session 30th